Video: Recharge with Smoothies

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Check out this video from FabFit40!

Have you been eating lots of food, perhaps too many sweets? Do  you need to recharge and rejuvenate during/after the holidays? Watch this video, then click on the link below! Members of the Wright family use these smoothie recipes to help maintain excellent health and fitness. These complex juices (easy to make, but nutritionally complex) are a great way to rejuvenate and restore, anytime, but definitely during and after the holidays. Watch this video for an overview of what you too can achieve.


Why Choose the Raw Food Diet?

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

It’s not how, specifically, you choose to cleanse, but that you choose to cleanse. I fast a few times a year. However, if fasting seems too drastic for you, you can follow a
14 Day Raw Food Diet . This will not give your systems the same break it would get if you fasted, but it will give your body a much needed break. And any break from processed foods, harmful toxins (pesticides, additives and other chemicals) and other foods that pull from your energy instead of adding to it does your body a world of good. I believe that whatever diet you choose to follow that gets you to eat food that supports you and your body is the diet or way of eating that works best for you. So here is a guest post by DeeDee Coleman about the raw food diet. – TCW

Display of vegetables

Raw food doesn’t mean everything must be a salad, just a lot of what you eat!

Why Choose the Raw Food Diet: A diet based on a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, fresh juice and purified water is considered a Raw Food Diet . When living on a raw food diet it is advisable that 70 percent to 80 percent of the foods eaten should be raw. Fresh (unprocessed and uncooked), raw foods are natural and eating what is natural is one of the best things we can for our bodies.

Fiber is lost during the processing and cooking of food. Eating and drinking raw produce provides the body with the maximum amount of fiber. A diet that is primarily fresh fruits and vegetables is easily metabolized and has lower calorie content than other diets. When food is processed or cooked with heat greater than 116°F the enzymes that helps the body to absorb food are destroyed. When this happens the nutritional value of the food is significantly diminished.

There are also many health benefits involved when a diet consists of at least 70 percent to 80 percent raw foods. Some of the benefits you can look forward to are:

Accelerated energy

Require less sleep

Clearer smoother skin

Improved digestion

Weight loss

Weight stability

Reduced risk of heart disease

Reduced risk of diabetes

Reduced risk of cancer

If you’re looking for a healthy diet that contains little or no saturated fats and low sodium, a diet that is high in magnesium, potassium, folate and fiber; if you are looking for a natural diet for the purpose of cleansing and detoxing, raw is the way to go.

Vibrant, healthy woman

A raw food diet gives you energy, vitality and internal beauty.

Why choose the Raw Food Diet ? When you eat naturally there are many foods to choose from while planning your menu; any fresh fruits and vegetables; there are also grains, seeds, beans, nuts and legumes.

Brown rice is full of vitamins and minerals, low in fat and calories and a great source of energy.

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable, very rich in fiber that has many health benefits including:

Vitamin C for weak immune systems, infections, colds, aging, depression and scurvy.

Fiber for constipation, ulcers, headaches, some forms of cancer, indigestion, eczema, skin disease and aging.

Sulphur for fighting infections and healing wounds.

For a great source of vitamin A, healthy vision and cardio vascular system carrots are a great source. Carrots are great in salads, juiced or just eaten as snacks.

Seeds, grains and beans are very large sources of protein. To get the most out of these foods you can sprout them and produce organic sprouts containing large levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll pigments and enzymes.

Sprouts can be juiced, used in salads or in soups.

Raw Food Diet_Text

Remember, it’s always advisable to consult with your doctor before beginning any special diet, especially for children, pregnant women or anyone with an existing medical condition.

The detoxifying period may be a little uncomfortable for some people as it can include headaches and/or nausea which may last for several days. The overall diet will be more enjoyable if the consumption of foods like meat, sugar and caffeine is decreased.

Anything worth having is worth working for. There is an amount preparation time required when living on raw food. There are products available to make it a lot easier like juicers, food processors, dehydrators, etc. This diet, like any other diet is excellent for weight loss when combined with regular exercise.

Enjoying a Raw Foods Diet, is a fast, easy and highly nutritious way to lose excess fat while keeping your energy high. Here is a Raw Foods List to help add variety to your nutritional plan.

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Lactose Intolerant? Try Ice Cream with Greek Yogurt

Thursday, December 12th, 2013
Mom eating her ice cream/Greek yogurt blend before going to bed

Mom eating her ice cream/Greek yogurt blend before going to bed.

About a month ago I was talking to my mother about how I wished there was a way to make plain Greek yogurt into a frozen custard. I’m not a fan of frozen yogurt because it typically has way too much sugar, is loaded with artificial sweeteners or has chemicals. All of these are no-nos in my book. If God (or whomever you refer to “God” as) didn’t make it, I won’t eat it. (Okay, I’m not a saint but that’s my general rule.) As far as the sugar is concerned, the more I eat, the worse I feel. So I eat little sugar, and when I do it’s in the form of agave nectar, maple syrup, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, or raw cane sugar (like when I go to Starbucks!).

Ok, I’m digressing a bit here. Back on topic. My mother recommended that I mix the Greek yogurt with ice cream to achieve the same effect. I told her that would be great, but I’m not a big fan of ice cream. I rarely crave it and, when I do, it’s usually 95 degrees outside. But my mother is a big ice cream lover. But ice cream does not love her, as we who are members of her family can attest. My mother is highly lactose intolerant. Highly! One horrible side effect: flatulence. Or what most of us know as gas. My mother’s grandchildren love her but they refuse to sleep in the bed with her anymore if she has ice cream. It was so bad, my nieces and nephew still complain over a year later!

Well, that problem has been solved! My mother took her own advice and mixed three scoops of vanilla ice cream with two scoops of Greek yogurt. (I did say my Mom loves ice cream!) She ate it before going to bed. And you know what, no side effects. None, nada, zip. She has now had this combination almost every single night for the last month. No lie! I told you. My Mom loves ice cream and likes plain Greek yogurt and now, through this combination, she can feast to her heart’s content on ice cream with no side effects. However, I told her to get on the scale or ease up a bit because I think there is one side effect she’s not considering!

What I believe is going on is that the active probiotic cultures – the L. Acidophilus, L. Casei, Bifidobacterium, S. Thermophilus, and L. Bulgaricus – break down the lactic acid in the ice cream. The yogurt works much better than taking the lactic acid pills, which my Mom tried to do before eating her ice cream but said these only helped a little. In addition, because the plain regular (not nonfat or 2%) Greek yogurt has minimal sugar, the combination does not give my Mom a sugar rush.

So, if you lactose intolerant and love ice cream, try mixing Greek yogurt with your ice cream. Let me know if it works for you. But don’t do like my Mom. Practice moderation instead!