Sometimes Health Problems are Symptoms of Emotional Stress – Part I

Sugar Depleted or Worn Out? 10 Juices / Smoothies for Energy & Health

Smoothies can help reduce the adverse impact of emotional stress on your body.

I am a firm believer in the health maintenance and restorative effects of food. However, I don’t think food alone does it. You need to exercise, which I do 4-6 times per week. (I consider myself an athlete. You can’t sit on the couch and be an athlete, right?!) I also believe you need to pray, meditate, play music, listen to music or something similar to calm your mind.

When people tell me about how a very fit person who ate well dropped dead (as people who don’t want to take action love to do!), I tell them they may have had insufficient nutrition or they may have had a lot of emotional turmoil or a habitual way of thinking that negatively impacted their body. In that case, eating well acts like hydrogen peroxide around a splinter. Hydrogen peroxide will keep the infection from setting in as long as you put it on almost daily; but if you skip a day or two, the infection begins to take root.

You can reverse the infection if you act quickly, but if you wait too long, you’ll have to take more drastic action. Because the splinter is the cause. The infection is the symptom. The same applies to your emotional stress and issues. For example, if you internalize your anger, you may end up with back problems, digestive issues, headaches, skin issues, and if it continues for a long time, much more serious diseases.

Your emotions impact your body...for better or for worse.

Your emotions impact your body…for better or for worse.

Eating very well will help your body cast off the effects of that internalized anger but if you slack off a bit, your body will revert. Or the anger will catch up to you and cause a heart attack. Because your health problems are due to the internal stress caused by your emotions, not your food. Cause: internal emotional stress. Symptom: health ailment or discomfort. Do you understand my analogy?

I have seen a number of unhealthy people who “eat well”. Some of the “eating well” is a lot of processed organic foods and sweets. Some of these people only eat well and do not exercise. Others may suffer from a psychological ailment. Still others have a pattern of thinking that causes them to generate negative emotions and then pull that emotion into their bodies.

Example: I often think I’m relaxed when I’m really not. I notice this when I sit down to meditate and go through my head-to-toe relaxation scenario. I was actually very tense before meditating. How does that impact my body? For me, I had neck and back problems. I sat tensed up at the computer typing for hours in improper sitting positions. Some was due to my work but most was due to my concerns about the book I was writing, the work I had to finish, etc. My negative emotions impacted my body.

You don’t have to experience strong emotions to have it impact your body. It can be a low grade worry niggling at the back of your mind or a slowly festering resentment you may not even realize you have. But it’s there.

So how do you improve your emotional health to improve your physical health? Tune in to my post tomorrow for my suggestions.


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