The Eye-Liver Connection: Eyes as Windows to Liver Health

My eyes - looking yellow or cloudy.

My eyes – looking yellow or cloudy.

Look at the picture of me to the left. This is a picture of an old driver’s license photo. I scanned it with my home scanner a few years ago so it’s a little blurry. In this photo my eyes appear cloudy, a little yellow. For me, this is primarily due to the photo, but not completely. (Note, my teeth are looking reddish and my teeth have never been that color! But, you get my point.)

Your liver health is very important. The liver is what processes out the fatty wastes from your body and your blood. It removes environmental pollutants, drugs, alcohol and unsupportive fats. It is an amazing organ. It can even regrow if a portion is cut away in surgery and you support it with the proper nutrients.

If your liver is in perfect health, your eyes will be very white. That’s the eye-liver connection. I remembered reading this a few years ago, in a book about the raw food diet, online, in discussions of various liver cleansing supplements and in the myriad magazine, newspaper and newsletter articles I read. But you know how you know something conceptually as true, but it doesn’t resonate as the truth with you until later? Well, that’s what happened to me.

I fast periodically. I typically do a Master Cleansing fast 2-3 times per year and a green fast once a year, each for a 10-day period. I’m not advocating at this time that you do the same. I believe strongly in fasting but it took me 3 years to finally embrace it and do it after my sisters started fasting. So everyone comes around in their own due time.

Anyway, in 2010 I did a 10-day Master Cleansing fast, then decided to follow a heavy vegetable, non-processed foods, non-meat diet. (I’m not using the term vegetarian because many vegetarians still eat lots of unhealthy processed foods.) I read a few books on the raw food diet and a few books on the macrobiotic diet. I was already a fan of the latter because my Aunt Charlotte had introduced me to this. I decided to follow a modified — meaning, less restrictive — macrobiotic diet. I lived in Japan for 2.5 years and liked many of the Japanese foods that play a key role in this diet.

For lunch and dinner I ate a broad assortment of grains including many I’d never heard of before. Bulgar, wheat berries, rye berries, millet, quinoa, oat groats, amarinth and black rice. I mixed these in my rice cooker with brown rice. Each morning I drank a green smoothie– some type of frozen berries, a banana or avocado, flaxseed oil, spirulina, keffir or yogurt and another piece of fruit or vegetable. I ate (or drank) every 2-3 hours, 4-6 times per day, which is my usual.

I had 8 – 12 servings of vegetables each and every day. I did eat organic eggs and meat and wild caught fish several times a week. I ate no pasta, bread or boxed cereal. I did eat oatmeal, usually steel cut. About once every 2-3 weeks I went to Fellini’s and had pizza and to The Flying Biscuit and got a biscuit and egg sandwich. Both restaurants use fresh, unbleached ingredients. So I wasn’t a saint but I was diligent. If I wanted candy, I ate some dark chocolate and raw nuts. I followed this way of eating from April through December.

Notice how white my nephew's eyes are. Mine were just like this!

Notice how white my nephew’s eyes are. Mine were just like this!

One day during the summer — in July I believe — I looked in the mirror and my eyes caught my attention. I did a double take. My eyes were soooo white!! I had never paid the whites of my eyes much attention but the whites of my eyes were so white I guess I couldn’t help but notice. It was amazing!

That’s when I remembered what I’d read about the connection between the eyes and the liver. Cleanse the liver and you will clear up your eyes and even improve your vision. An unhealthy liver is directly reflected in the clarity of the whiteness of your eyes. You do NOT have to have a diagnosable illness to have cloudy eyes. However, if your eyes are yellow, run, do not walk, to your physician. You may have jaundice which can be a symptom of a liver ailment or disease.

I can now see how the foods I eat impact my eyes and how my eyes tell the story of my liver health. When I eat sweets — cookies, pastries — or lots of breads (processed foods, in other words), no matter how organic the ingredients, my eyes get less clear. But if I eat clean for five or more consecutive days, they get really white again. I think it’s a beautiful thing that I now have this knowledge and understand the direct connection between my liver and my eyes. Although I pay attention to what’s going on internally, my eyes tell the story of my liver much faster and clearer.

So remember the eye-liver connection: An optimally functioning healthy liver = very white eyes!



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