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Me, attempting to have a shot, at a bar. I RARELY drink so my friends were trying to egg me on. I can't remember if I took it.

Me, attempting to have a shot, at a bar. I RARELY drink so my friends were trying to egg me on. I can’t remember if I took it.

Hello, my name is Tiffany Wright. I am a life long fitness afficionado. I’ve always considered myself an athlete, even when I was not currently participating in or training for a particular sport. I ran track in high school and a brief portion of my freshman year in college. Then I switched to intramural track and bodybuilding then added hiking and skiing.

I embraced Muay Thai (after seeing it in person in Thailand I was hooked!) but never actually competed. Was I a bit chicken? Perhaps. I sparred with men and one guy was really, really good at getting his leg up to my head. And since he was 6’3″ and I’m only 5’7″, I couldn’t quite return the favor! After that, I went back to running track. I now train for track but haven’t had the schedule to actually compete. I’m highly competitive so if I can’t train and compete regularly to win, if I can’t be my absolute best, then I won’t do it. But I will compete again soon…

In college I devoured fitness magazines, bodybuilding books and books on nutrition. My focus is (and was) on staying in good shape. I still do, but in spurts on specific topics. I was an engineering major and took classes in biomechanics, which is how the body moves and how forces exerted on the body while turning, twisting, sitting, etc. impact the body. Within a few years of graduating from college I moved to Japan to work as an engineer. There I was exposed to a totally different approach to medicine and health.

I learned about seaweed, green tea, acupuncture, acupressure (shiatsu), and food without hormones and antibiotics. I also became closely acquainted with physician’s focus on giving the immune system a boost so it could heal itself instead of drowning the body with drugs. There I regularly saw men and women in the 70s’, 80’s and 90’s walking, riding bikes and hiking. This made a significant impact on my idea of what’s possible as we age. And I was only in my mid-20’s!!

After I returned I read more on natural health and maintaining great health without drugs or surgery. In my evolution, I fully embraced acupuncture, fasting, and Hippocrates’ words, “Let food be thy medicine.” However, I also recognized — from my time in Japan — the strong connection between the mind and the body. And several years after that, I finally decided that I had plenty of information, insights and observations to share, so I started this blog.

My actual job is as an interim COO for small and medium businesses. But health and fitness have been a lifelong love. So many people ask me if I’m a personal trainer that I decided to act. Please feel free to share your comments, opinions and experiences with me. I welcome them.